Among the winners of the Recognition for Scientific Excellence of AP Vojvodina award is one researcher from the Institute, Dr. Dragana Miladinović.

Provincial Government presented Awards for Scientific Excellence to researchers on the territory of AP Vojvodina
for 2020. Recognitions for scientific excellence award in 21 scientific fields and subfields, were presented by the
Provincial Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Dr. Zoran Milosević to the most cited
researchers who are employed in scientific research organizations in the territory of AP Vojvodina.

Dr. Dragana Miladinović, research and mentoring coordinator, received the Recognition for Scientific Excellence
award as the most cited researcher in AP Vojvodina in the field of biotechnology and agriculture, subfield field and
vegetable crops in 2020.

Out of the 60 applications received, a total of 40 Recognitions for Scientific Excellence were awarded. When assessing
scientific excellence, the Expert Commission evaluated the number of citations of scientific papers of registered
researchers, which were realized in the year preceding the year in which the awards are given, based on data from
the SCOPUS database.

According to Dr. Dragana Miladinović, this Recognition is proof that work and research in science is recognized and
acknowledged and that Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops is still a place where top scientific results can be achieved,
and rightly has the status of a National Institute of Republic of Serbia.