Climate crops members Ana Marjanović Jeromela, Ankica Kondić-Špika and Dragana Miladinović participated in PlantEd WG2 Training School – Genome-edited plants: Impact and beyond, held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 24-25.05.2022. Training was organized within the activities of PlantEd COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and Technology ( WG2, led by Dragana Miladinović.

Training School focused on plant genome editing and its impact on plant breeding. It provided a learning platform and forum for discussions on genome editing, its implications in agriculture, as well as socio-economic and regulatory considerations. Major goals of the Training School were to analyze and discuss the scientific developments and the regulatory frameworks, as bases for proper assessment of the impact of this technology.

Participation of Climate Crops members in PlantEd action already led to 2 project applications within Horizon Europe program, as well as a paper published in a high-impact journal