In the period 10-12 September 2018, Dr. Stéphane Muños from INRA, Toulouse, France, visited the Industrial Crops Department. Dr. Muños is a team leader engaged in research on genetics and genomics of sunflower and coordinator of projects devoted to the study of sunflower broomrape.

Our colleague from France held a lecture about INRA, current projects and plans, with an emphasis on sunflower and broomrape. The Institute was presented the following day, including studies and activities on sunflower breeding, while tour of the experimental plots, laboratories and wild sunflower collections were organized as well the same day.

During the visit, the compatibility of sunflower research in the INRA and the Institute was confirmed, as well as many opportunities for cooperation.

Since the goal of Dr. Muños’s visit was to involve the Institute more intensively in the broomrape research and upcoming projects, an agreement has been reached in this and other areas of sunflower research, through the exchange of materials, knowledge and the application of joint projects.