Aims and Scope

The journal Alternative Crops and Cultivation Practices publishes scientific articles relating to original research on agricultural plants that commonly occupy small areas; usually requiring more labor however exerting positive long-term effects on the agro-ecosystem as a whole and providing comparatively higher sale value. Therefore, the journal focuses on broad aspects of the production and processing of the alternative crops such as sorghums, hemp, pumpkins, hops, millet, buckwheat, poppy etc. The articles on spices and plants of potential medicinal use are greatly welcomed; however the therapeutic effects are not within the scope of the journal. In addition the journal reports the research on cultivation practices and methods applied in organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture (crop rotation, biological pest control, crop-weed interactions, manures etc.), even those not including alternative plant species. The submissions on comparative studies between sustainable and conventional agriculture, evaluation of the potential of not previously or rarely grown species to become alternative crops, and studies on environmental constraints challenging the production of the alternative agricultural plants are particularly encouraged.

The journal Alternative Crops and Cultivation Practices publishes original research papers, reviews and short communications that have not been published previously, nor are under the consideration by other journals. Alternative Crops and Cultivation Practices is an Open Access journal.

Contributions to the journal shall be submitted in English language, with consistent spelling, using either American or British English. Manuscripts written in poor English will not be considered for publication. Authors should prepare summaries in Serbian language, and the translation will be provided by the Editorial Board for non-Serbian contributors.

The Journal is issued annually.

The journal does not charge any fees at submission, reviewing, and production stages. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.